Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zoe Weil is a Trekkie. Color me impressed!

"We need a bigger vision for the purpose of schooling." 

These words, bravely stated by the the co-founder of the Institute for Humane Education shook me. It made me think very soberly: what are we doing?! School is not the blissful realm of inspiration, creativity, and wonder that we want it to be. No--today's thoughts in the classroom are more filled with meeting expectations, meeting deadlines, and not failing in another's eyes. The goal of graduating a "generation of 'Solutionaries'" is Weil's grand idea... and I like it.

Zoe Weil wants students to have three simple things: "the knowledge, tools, and the motivation" so that we can make game-changers for a "restored, healthy, and humane world." This eloquent speaking by Weil isn't just filled with empty words; instead, she has a different, unconventional outlook on the current state of affairs. I see her TEDx talk shows just how innovative her activities and thoughts are. Her ideas stretch beyond the short-term goals of No Child Left Behind and make be believe in education in 2012 all the more positively.

The t-shirt example and how it encompasses the larger global thinking style made me smile. The way people think is what we need to be focusing on, and it can all start with providing new forms of education to our students. She believes that it's, in fact, not fair to provide this new knowledge and way of new thinking to all students. I wholly agree. Overarching themes, global epidemics and issues... these topics shouldn't just be touched on; they should be the focal point to our kids' education. Zoe Weil is a visionary.

All of this brainpower that our students possess is going to waste! We can do major things with this power that students aren't even aware they have. Let's explore and not be inhibited by false boundaries! Onward to our beautiful future alive in the world of Star Trek.

Until next time!